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Rastin tray


Art has always been one of the greatest passions of Persia. The rich history of this art can be traced back to the roots of Iran. This piece of artwork carries a very meaningful story from the artist who built it.

This product is appropriately well-matched to your living room or work space, filled with love and satisfaction.

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About artist:

Rastin ceramic workshop has started its activity in Karaj, Iran, in 2000. This group of artists looks at production based on the aesthetics of everyday life; the purpose is to do functional ceramic works that have been molded with passion and emotion. These works have gained their identity through designing based on modern needs and looking at Iranian art. They have been found a unique and glorious place in Iranian homes.

Methods of making products

After the design and modeling steps, the product is ready to be produced using creative designers and modelers. Production stages are manual.

The product goes to the furnace in three stages

  • The first stage after production, which is called baking biscuits
  • The next step after painting and glazing is baking the glaze at a temperature of 1100 degrees Celsius
  • The next stage of baking is after applying gold glaze, which is made of 12 karat gold.

The management and guidance of this collection are done with two famous ceramic artists  Mr. Reza Taebi and Ms. Nafiseh Khalaj.


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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 35 × 1019 × 10 cm


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