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Ghalamkar Kimono


The vibrant and unique hand-painted kimono captures that culture and beauty in a contemporary and stylish way.

The exalted art of Ghalamkar is a symbol of longevity, love, and resilience of an ancient tradition that through many peaks and troughs, has been passed to us generation after generation, and heart to heart but It seems that after the pinnacle of popularity, this tradition has entered a stagnant stage and if not for the artists, the legacy may not have survived.

Material: Coton

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Ghalamkar (Calico) is one of the oldest crafts of ancient Persian which was at the peak of fame for centuries. This sort of cloth is prepared of pure cotton. The Calico (Ghalamkar) implies the creation of a role on a linen cloth, which today is also done on other pieces. The art of printing on the cloth.

The material was called Ghalamkari (brushwork) because of the technique employed in executing it. The word is derived from the Persian words Ghalam (pen) and Kari (craftmanship), meaning drawing with a pen (Ghalamkar). ČĪT or Chit cotton cloth decorated with block-printed or painted designs in multiple colors.

Care instruction: Do not wash your Ghalamkar with strong washing materials and do not put them in the washing machine. This is because washing them with water, shampoo, and hand prolongs their useful life.


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