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Elena Bag


High quality inspirational bags by independent artists and designers. This piece of artwork carries a very meaningful story from the artist who built it.

This unique embroidered sling bag with chain strap is light weight and is offered in striking colors and features beautiful embroidery.

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About the Artist:

The artist designed and produced products whose main purpose was to preserve the ancient and beautiful art of needlework, which in Iran has long been done by women at home.

She has tried to regain the value and beauty of this art by using the performance power and enthusiasm of a group of women, and also by combining it with one of the native arts of Isfahan, namely the art of penmanship, in designing and making various products, a special style.

Most of the production sections, including design and production management, photography and packaging in the artist’s studio, and needlework of products are performed by experienced women outside her workshop.

Friendship Message from the artist:

The artist considers the donation of exquisite and unique handicrafts to ambassadors and culture and art officials of other countries as a way to convey the message of friendship and peace. May the patrons of historical arts help us by paving the way.

Note : Do not wash it with strong washing materials and do not put it in the washing machine. This is because washing them with water, shampoo, and hand prolongs their useful life.


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