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Botejeghe earrings-Silver


This collection draws its inspiration from the Persian traditional materials, forms, and patterns found in Tehran, Iran; imbibing dark vivid tones from flower petals and leaves. The main structure of these earrings is made of silver. Made by hand and love.

This silk earring has been handcrafted from 100% silk thread and printed silk with sterling silver hoops.

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Termeh is a type of Persian handwoven cloth that has been woven since the Safavi era in Iran, produced primarily in the Isfahan province. Handwoven Termeh became trendy in Iran at the beginning of the Safavid era, is a soft and elegant cloth that is made of different threads material such as silk wool and fluff. It is often decorated with original and traditional Iranian patterns especially the paisley pattern. Now the Yazd Termeh is the most beautiful and famous in the world. Yazd is the center of the design, production, and marketing of Termeh.


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