Asma Rashidi

Asma Rashidi


Our Mission

Art is our greatest passion. At Rooz Gallery, we are committed to presenting the most spectacular and exquisite crafts and pottery, for either your lovely home or your pleasant working space. We are also delighted to advocate the artistic journeys of highly acclaimed artists, who devote their lives into their creation process.

Our Approach

As we are very committed about delivering arts to your home, we are also very particular in ensuring that every piece of ceramic has reached a certain quality standard. We only curate our collection of ceramics from very talented artists and monitor each stage of creation to make sure that the ceramics we present are crafted with excellent skills and attention to details. At the same time, we also acknowledge the unique variation in each ceramic piece.

Our Stories

Rooz Gallery is based in Taman Tun Dr. Ismail, Kuala Lumpur. We seek out the most exceptional works of fine art, craft, and design for your living and working space—and we are thrilled to share them with you. Our deep passion for arts drives us to reach out to talented artists and craftsman and deliver their amazing art works to our customers’ homes across this Asia Pacific region and potentially beyond.

Our Philosophy

Every piece of artwork at Rooz Gallery carries a meaningful story from the artist who built it. Even through a single curl in a artwork design, an artist can charm every art lover with an alluring tale. At Rooz Gallery, we are honoured to connect you with not only the beautiful artworks, but also with the artists and the stories they have carved into their masterpieces. Once you bring an artwork into your home, the story it contains continues to become a part of your life. And the story does not end there.